Appreciation Dinner May 2017

Appreciation night Dinner 2017






My Dear Members in Christ,

It is with great hope that this message finds you with peace and joy. May Our Lord continue to grace you with His love and spirit of Charity.

The West Valley Club has the opportunity to give the gift of a evening out for all the represented orders of Nuns, Sisters, and Religious of the Diocese of Phoenix. The event is called “Appreciation Night Dinner”. It is scheduled for May 5, 2018, at 5:00 pm.

This event provides our guest, the only opportunity to re-unite and share fellowship with other“women of Christ”. To witness this eveningis a transforming experience for the volunteer Serran member. With gratitude, a ready smile on your heart, and the call and welcoming of the Holy Spirit. The eyes of your heart will transform your witness and participation; into your personal gift of love to each and everyone of these women of Christ who have sacrificed so much for the greater glory of God’s Church.

This opportunity comes with the need to seek help from our greater membership. The earlier we get started the better to ensure the outcomes we plan for and we desire for that perfect event experience for our special guest!

We had our 1st planning meeting on January 16th. The response was good; however, there is need for additional talents and assistance to help with the following principle committee areas:


Sponsorship Committee:

This committee will be identifying 5-6 event sponsors, contacting those sponsors, and securing financial support to offset the cost of expenses for the event. 

We are currently seeking a “Committee Lead”.


Invitations and Event Communications:

This committee will design and create the message content of the event invitation, the printing of the invitation, reconciliation of guest list to ensure guest (invitee) information is correct before mailing, mailing of invitations and receipt and confirmation of RSVP’s for the event, assist with event registration, and all related event communication materials that may be deem necessary to help advertise and support the events purpose and outcomes.

We are currently seeking a “Committee Lead”.


Hospitality, Decorations, and Event Menu Committee:

This committee is charged with the coordination and designation of the events evening “Hospitality” needs and the coordination of volunteer roles and responsibilities to be carried out to help provide support and assistance to our special event guest.  This committee will also select, oversee, and set-up/breakdown the event table decorations and other related special needs determined and accepted by the committee. In addition, this committee will also coordinate and finalize the event dinner menu.

Committee Lead: Ana Vega Tantalean

Committee Co-Lead: Brooke Heet


Your help and assistance is needed to fill these committee needs. Will you please plan to attend our next event planningmeeting scheduled for January 30th, at the Sacred Heart House at St. John Vianney Parish.Also please plan to attend the Appreciation Dinner Night on May 5th.


Call me directly if you have any questions or need for additional information. Estevan 480-622-6525 or


Help our club give the gift of “Love and Fellowship” to these our Sisters, Nuns and Religious. Give yourself the gift of giving and good works of community as we together move to respond to this awesome opportunity to bring smiles and happiness to these our special neighbors in Christ.

 We hope to hear from you and see you on January 30th.

 In Him Always,



Appreciation Dinner May 2017