Jun. 2, 2017

Deacon Ricks Chartres Pilgrimage News

This information is from Deacon Wallace's mother, Shirley Wallace. If you want to learn more about this pilgrimage click on the link below Chartrespilgrimage.org.


  1. Deacon Ricky Wallace  is taking the bus right(June 1) now to Paris to go on a pilgrimage to Chartre a 70 mile walking pilgrimage! I'm waiting for pics on this European adventure.
  1. The walk is roughly 62 miles over 3 days—beginning at daybreak on the Saturday before Pentecost, and ending with an afternoon mass on the Monday after Pentecost. The trek takes 8,000-10,000 pilgrims from the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, through the French countryside to the Cathedral of Notre D...

May God's angels guide and protect all pilgrims on their journey especially from evil and sin. Through Christ our Lord. Amen