Dec. 11, 2017

WV Blog

The Sisters of Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery Community are in their hour need!


I writing to echo by email that the fire that damaged the chapel and has caused the Sisters to find new living quarters to sleep and conduct everyday affairs is requiring emergency assistance. A call for time, talent, and treasure is being sounded and in need of our mutual and combined call to provide for their immediate help and needs.


Please reach out directly to Sr. Lydia at 602-527-4975 or email her at . She can respond to their specific and immediate needs.


It is my understanding that their community does not get any financial support or assistance from the Diocese. They are “self-supporting”.


Like the physical efforts the friends of the paralyzed man in today’s gospel gave and he received to get the attention and graces of Jesus Christ…


Let us be those friends that help our Sister’s in their hour of need - a situation that has brought a temporary state of “paralysis” to their operations and the place they call “home”.


They are our neighbors, our supporters in our Serran mission, and our Sister’s of Christ.


In Him Always,