2018 Religious Appreciation Photos

Hi Serran's and friends, here are a few photos I took  at the May 5th Event. Other members also took photos and if they send to me I will add to these. The event turned out to be enjoyable and very well planned by our Serra Club committee. Thanks to all our sponsors and the Phoenix and Mesa Serra Clubs for their help and participation.

  In appreciation our beloved religious were presented with corsages, pens, cash for years of service to our Lord's ministry, dinner, and live music donated by the Saguaro Sunset Trio. Auxiliary Bishop Eduardo, who made a short appearance, took his picture with the Trio and said he wanted to play the Base  but did not of course. Also one of the younger sisters there requested music from her younger days and I could see her dancing to the music. 

If you did not get to join us this time we will be planning another for 2019.  Think about joining us for next time.  The Club can use your ideas and help.

Here is a list of the Jubilarians attending. 


  • Georgene Faust - 75 yrs.
  • Lillian Lila - 70 yrs.
  • Elizabeth Carey - 70 yrs.
  • Mary Lynn Heiser - 60 yrs.
  • Ann Marley - 60 yrs.
  • Kathleen Janiak - 60 yrs
  • Linda Campbell - 50 yrs.
  • Margaret McBride - 50 yrs
  • Cecilia Warner - 50 yrs
  • Sandra Demann - 50 yrs
  • Maria Olivia Pacheco - 45 yrs.
  • Mary Jordan Hoover - 25 yrs.
  • Mary Gertrude - 25 yrs.
  • Mary Brigid Burnham - 25 yrs.
  • Betty Banja - 25 yrs.


  • Gabriel Guerro - 60 yrs.

Sisters not attending:

  • Maria Sheerin - 70 yrs.
  • Thereselle Arruda - 60 yrs.
  • Bozena Blad - 35 yrs.